B E C O M E   A N   O F F I C E R

Apps are now open! Email your application to iise.tamu@gmail.com by Tuesday March 23rd at 11:59 PM. Click here to open the app. The process is an application, an interview, and results will be sent out by e-mail. Newly elected officers will formally take office on April 1st. To see who is currently holding each position this year, visit the "Officers" page

Each position includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities. 

  • Submits National HQ Forms: UCAR, Financial Forms, Officer Slate, Operations Plan

  • Completes Recognition Cycle for Student Activities every year

  • Liaison to the ISEN department, Regional and National Chapter Communications, Houston Professional Chapter

  • Update Advisor and Department Head of IISE’s objectives and events

  • Present once a semester to the Advisory Board Council

  • Lead new officer elections

  • Send out sophomore welcome email each semester

  • Acquire IISE promotional material from National HQ

  • Oversee chapter operations are preforming to the Gold Award standard on UCAR

  • Serve as lead for organizing the Career Fair

  • Organize all speaker meetings and oversee company relations

  • Plan 1 plant tour each semester

  • Send out sponsorship letters to companies

  • Hold transition membership meeting, ensure transition worksheet on UCAR is completed

  • Oversee the Career Fair Committee

  • Serve as lead for organizing the Six Sigma or Lean Green Belt Certification Course, draft email to be send to all engineering disciplines

  • Organize all general meetings

  • Organize alternate meetings involving company workshops 

  • Attend SEC society meetings on behalf of IISE, participate in National Engineers Week

  • Host career/grad school meeting

  • Facilitate Kick Off event, membership drive

  • Record points for members

  • Oversee operations of merchandise coordinator, internal development coordinator, and outreach awareness 

  • Send out emails and update the website regarding upcoming events

  • Create Google documents and forms when necessary

  • Verify meeting sign in forms are filled out

  • Oversee social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram/etc.)

  • Maintain listserv 

  • Oversee use of organization funds

  • Manage and keep records of all transactions

  • Review and deliver forms to the SOFC

  • Maintain budget

  • Bi-annually appeal for funds for our organization from SEC

  • Oversee MarketPlace account, and create items for Merchandise Coordinator

  • Organize Google Drive and keep all records up to date 

  • Make room reservations for meetings and events when necessary

  • Keep meeting minutes and send to all officers and advisor

  • Create calendar of events

  • Standardize organization procedures and officer positions (Transition Binders) 

  • Ensure smooth officer transitions; coordinate outgoing and incoming officer meeting

  • Organize IISE Regional and National Trips

  • Coordinate IISE technical paper competitions for Regional Conference

  • Oversee coordination of getting members to the Regional and National Conference

  • Appeal for funds from the department to fund the trips

  • Oversee the Conference Committee

  • Organize socials to allow members to meet other members

  • Coordinate MSC Open House

  • Organize service events

  • Oversee the Internal Development Committee

  • Help facilitate faculty picnic with a social event

  • Ordering equipment for officers

  • Organizing sales of t-shirts, polos, and fleeces for members to purchase through MarketPlace

  • Ordering other paraphernalia for events such as awards and gifts

  • Oversee the Merchandise Committee

  • Report relevant information to our team

  • Facilitate open house preparations 

  • Design and print information posters 

  • Lead mentorship program 

  • Oversee Outreach Committee

Vice President External 

Vice President Internal 

Vice President Virtual 




Events Coordinator

Internal Development Coordinator



Outreach & Awareness